Pre-bid Meeting Conversation

Pre-bid meeting Start Time ( 25/07/2020 14:30 )
Pre-bid meeting End Time ( 25/07/2020 15:30 ) User Comment
1 1. MTAR TECHNOLOGIES (P) LTD ( 25/07/2020 02:38 ) The drawings received along with the tender documents are totally black and some of the dimensions are not clearly visible. We request you to provide clearly visible drawings.
2 2. MTAR TECHNOLOGIES (P) LTD ( 25/07/2020 02:38 ) In Technical Specification Compliance Sr. No. 9 of Filled Documents: Outer Diameter Hard Chrome Plating (for drawing NAPP/35221/3135/DD/R1) finished machine mentioned as Ø22.276 to Ø20.225, whereas as per drawing it is specified as Ø22.276 / 22.225. It may be typo error, please clarify.
3 3. MTAR TECHNOLOGIES (P) LTD ( 25/07/2020 02:40 ) For Inner Tube Sub Assembly (NAPP/35221/3200/GA/R0) & Outer Tube Assembly (NAPP/35221/3201/GA/R0), it is mentioned as Silver Braze Plug to Tube. In this regard, we would like to bring to your kind notice that, we have done welding instead of brazing for previous executed orders for KAPS, KAIGA & RAPS sites. For this order also, we will do the welding of Tube to Plug instead of Silver Brazing. Please confirm.
4 4. MTAR TECHNOLOGIES (P) LTD ( 25/07/2020 02:40 ) Delivery Period as per tender is 430 days, we will be able to offer the items for final inspection & acceptance by your engineers at our works within Seven Hundred and Thirty (730) days from the date of receipt of Purchase Order.

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