Pre-bid Meeting Conversation

Pre-bid meeting Start Time ( 24/12/2020 14:30 )
Pre-bid meeting End Time ( 24/12/2020 15:30 ) User Comment
1 Anil Patil / Manager (C) -OPS ( 24/12/2020 02:30 ) Welcome in Pre-bid Meeting. Bidders may raise their queries.
2 1. LLOYDS STEELS INDUSTRIES LTD. ( 24/12/2020 02:50 ) Fuel transfer machine positioning set coordinates in X Y direction or in X Y & Z direction. Provide emergency situation list of probable occurance events Confirm performance testing of Fuel transfer machine parameters in details to be defined. We have to demonstrate operation of fuel transfer machine with all positions similar to site spent fuel storage pool dimensions or prototype Provide the list of vendors suggested or approved for PLC system. Please confirm Fuel pool qualification for SSE & OBE are in the scope of supplier of this tendered items. Provide all the drawings in readable formats as attached along with specifications
3 2. LLOYDS STEELS INDUSTRIES LTD. ( 24/12/2020 02:54 ) Please confirm the test facility required for Fuel transfer machine operation as per design intent for demonstration purpose is to be created at our works or it will be done at site?
4 3. LLOYDS STEELS INDUSTRIES LTD. ( 24/12/2020 02:55 ) Please provide approved vendor list for electrical equipment & Instruments.
5 4. MTAR TECHNOLOGIES (P) LTD ( 24/12/2020 03:05 ) Please provide testing requirements for the complete equipment to be at contractor facility
6 5. MTAR TECHNOLOGIES (P) LTD ( 24/12/2020 03:10 ) We intend to collaborate with a reputed foreign technology provider in order to participate in the tender. The technology providers have informed us that their staff will be on leave from 25th Dec 20 till 11 Jan 2021. The Fuel Transfer Machine is a critical equipment which will involve detailed study of technical aspects, also, as we have received the corrigendum for the tender on 21 Dec 20, we are now left with very few days in hand to work out the details. The technology provider will not be able to provide complete details in such a short span of time. Therefore, it is difficult to meet deadline for submission of bid by 22 Jan 21. It is requested that adequate time be provided to prepare bid for a critical equipment like Fuel Transfer Machine, it is requested that the submission date of the bid may be postponed by 3 weeks.
7 Anil Patil / Manager (C) -OPS ( 24/12/2020 03:29 ) Pre-Bid clarification shall be uploaded on NPCIL e-tendering portal in due course.

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