Pre-bid Meeting Conversation

Pre-bid meeting Start Time ( 14/01/2020 14:30 )
Pre-bid meeting End Time ( 14/01/2020 15:30 ) User Comment
1 Madan L Vivarekar / SM (C&MM) -FTP ( 14/01/2020 02:30 ) NPCIL welcomes all the bidders for the Pre-Bid meeting of the subject tender. Bidders can now ask their queries.
2 Madan L Vivarekar / SM (C&MM) -FTP ( 14/01/2020 02:31 ) All bidders are requested to kindly note that the final replies to queries of all the bidders will be uploaded as Pre-bid response which only shall prevail and form the part of the subject Tender.
3 1. Walchandnagar industries Ltd ( 14/01/2020 02:31 ) 1"SECTION - B - GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT (GCC/SUPPLY-1/R-4) & SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT : ""GCC Clause no. 5.6.1 & SCC Clause no. 1.7.1- Terms of Payment :""We need to incur initial expenditure for procurement of all raw materials for manufacturing and hence, request to consider following payment terms: 1) 10% of PO value as advance against acceptance of PO. 2) 10% PO value against submission of QAP and manufacturing drawings. 3) 20% PO value against receipt of Plates at our works. 4) 50% of PO value against receipt of equipment at site on pro-rata basis. 5) 10% of PO value against submission of history documents and PBG on pro-rata basis. "
4 2. Walchandnagar industries Ltd ( 14/01/2020 02:32 ) 2SECTION-A - INVITATION TO TENDER AND TENDERING CONDITIONS : ITT Clause no. 2.6 :"Now a days, lot of restrictions have been put by the Nationalized Banks for the issue of Bank guarantees apart from charging heavy service charges and demand for deposition of considerable amount as margin money in the bank. This is creating a big hurdle for arranging bank guarantees from the bank. In view of this, we request you to arrange to review the requirement of IPBG at least for the tenders having delivery period up to 3 years and arrange to waive off it. If not, the initial period of IPBG should be about 6 to 8 months (instead of 5 years asked with the tender) till Part-II (Price) is opened and order is finalised with a particular vendor. The vendor getting the order can arrange extension of IPBG till completion of contract and will submit it to NPCIL along with Security deposit BG. "
5 3. Walchandnagar industries Ltd ( 14/01/2020 03:15 ) Technical specification for tubes as per Annexure I of Spec. PC-E-1118/R2 : Reliable Tube manufacturers have shown difficulties in meeting very stringent conditions given the specification. Following deviations have been proposed by Tube suppliers. Request to review and confirm. 1. Technical requirements are very stringent and required SCC Test similar to Moderator Heat Exchanger Tubes which is not possible to meet. Hence, we propose Re-Melted Steel instead of normal melted Steel. 2. Hot Extruded Mother Hollow shall be used to manufacture these tubes. 3. We have observed OD and Thickness of tubes is high and hence, we propose to supply Tubes in Solution Annealed Pickled and Passivated condition instead of Bright Annealed Condition. 4. Surface Roughness of Tube OD and ID shall be 4 Micron Ra Max instead of 1.6 Micron. 5. Hardness of Tubes shall be within 70 to 85 HRB instead of preferably in the range of 80 to 85 HRB. 6. OD and Wall Thickness shall be measured throughout along the length of tubes by Rota Probe Ultrasonic Machine over and above conventional method of OD and thickness measurement at the end of tube. 7. Tube Manufacturer should have PTR (Past track Record) for supply of TP316L Seamless Tubes with SCC Test
6 Madan L Vivarekar / SM (C&MM) -FTP ( 14/01/2020 03:28 ) All unanswered queries will be responded along with the consolidated response to all the queries raised by all the bidders.

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